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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fine Dining Quality Food On The Get-Go: Minimum Anticipations For Delivered Food

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By Gladys Kings

Not because your favourite meal is delivered means you should anticipate less quality. After all, food delivery usually has extra costs or requires certain amount of purchase. While it is a luxury especially for the couch potato to just wait for the delectable dish to be brought right to her doorstep, she would still raise an eyebrow if the food is not in the best quality. We can still expect quality for delivered food, without meaning to be hard to please.

So what can customers reasonably expect from food delivery? First, in the same way that a meal is served in the resto on time, food delivery has to arrive on time. Patience is not a virtue especially of someone who is hungry or simply has an insatiable craving. Second, delivered food should arrive hot and fresh. Third, clean packaging is important. Food delivery services have to put food items in spill-proof containers. Fourth, food delivery has to have desserts. A meal is just not complete without it. Finally, delivered food should still look and feel like it was cooked at home. Not because it's fast food means it can get away with being too commercialized and neglect home-cooked goodness.

Mad Jack Caf stands above others in efficient food delivery. With franchises all over Singapore, Mad Jack Caf is your neighbourhood caf, and is within a stone's throw away from most residential, business, industrial and school areas. Call the hotline and your Mad Jack Caf meal is right on your desk, at the gym, in the park, in your backyard or your very own kitchen.

Choose from lots of options that differentiate Mad Jack Caf from other fast food chains: fish and chips, steaks, sausages, pizza, burger, and an assortment of slobbering healthy desserts. This is also a Halal restaurant.

Other than delivery, healthy foods from Mad Jack caf can also be enjoyed to-go, eat-in or by catering. Emphasis is put on healthy foods because kitchen staff makes sure food items are cooked using no preservatives, low sodium and low sugar plus over high heat to seal the nutrients within every fresh ingredient.

Hungry? Craving? Dial the Mad Jack hotlines for a feast made of sweet goodness, main dish, snacks and chips delivered right at your location.

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