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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Festive Breakfast Ideas

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A delicious cup of breakfast tea is a wonderful way to begin a Christmas morning. In fact a flavourful hot beverage such as a black tea or green tea can be a perfect start for any cold, frosty morning. If you are up early you can curl up in a comfy chair and enjoy the warmth from a hot stove or crackling fire. Perhaps it is snowing outside which adds beauty and wonder to the genial mood of the holiday season.

You need time to get your bearings before the rest of the household wakes and the tranquillity is broken. As you relax with your favourite English breakfast tea you can consider which Christmas breakfast recipes you will prepare for your family and friends. There are always many delicious recipes available that it can be difficult to choose which ones you want to try on this special day of the year.

Of course most families enjoy the main Christmas meal a little later in the day, but Christmas breakfast should be special too. In most instances all you will need is a menu that includes a few light and tasteful dishes that will tide people over until the main meal is set on the table. French toast with a topping of spiced peaches and whipped cream will certainly be a hit with your family. The versatility of French toast allows you to personalise this breakfast entre to reflect the mood and colours of the holiday season. Top thick slices of French toast with strawberries, add a touch of whipped topping and then add a dash of colourful green and red sprinkles.

You might consider beginning the morning with a few slices of the succulent, glazed ham that you prepared a day ahead of time. Cooking a glazed ham on Christmas Eve gives this main dish the additional time it needs for the meat to rest and fully develop those incredible flavours. When you are ready for Christmas breakfast you only have to slice the ham, warm the meat and serve it with bread, butter and a piping hot breakfast tea. This is a meal that is certain to tame even the hungriest appetites until the midday or evening meal is served.

A sweet, luxurious treat such as a cinnamon and raisin bread will be the perfect way to begin any Christmas morning. You can easily discover recipes for decadently rich cinnamon and raisin loaf online. When paired with a bold breakfast tea this combination is an ideal choice for any holiday meal. If you want to prepare the cinnamon loaf a few days ahead of time this sweet bread will still have wonderful flavour when you reheat it. You can even freeze the bread and then just slice it and pop the slices of cinnamon and raisin bread into a toaster oven.

Why not consider a delicious fruit loaf and winter compote for your first meal on Christmas Day? It is easy to make this dish ahead of time and then warm it in the oven when your family is awake and ready to eat. Best of all you can pair this dish with a savoury hot drink such as an Irish, Russian or English breakfast tea.

Another savoury Christmas Breakfast recipe that your entire family will enjoy is for croissants stuffed with glazed ham and scrambled eggs. The light texture of the croissant is perfectly matched with the satisfying, bold flavours of the ham and eggs. No matter which breakfast recipes you choose to begin your holiday morning you certainly need to make sure that you select the right accompaniments to the meal.

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