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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Longterm Food Storage Is A Thrifty Way To Save

Bay Leaves
Bay Leaves (Photo credit: artizone)
By Gary Habbaden

With the economy still at a slow recovery pace, there are a number of families stocking up on staples they need for mealtime. This has caused many people to wonder how best to use longterm food storage to their advantage. Purchasing as many groceries as possible when they are on sale is great, as long as they are stored well.

Since the pioneer days, families have used the canning process to keep their fresh produce eatable for long periods. Many families still use this method of filling glass jars and boiling them in hot water to seal in freshness. Often, they will add seasonings to help preserve and keep the produce tasty.

Others find that freezing their vegetables or fruits is very effective. However, typically frozen foods do not last quite as long as items that are canned. A major problem with frozen goods is that, in the event of a power failure, they can thaw rather quickly.

A rather popular staple that many people try to stay stocked up on is beans and rice. These items will last for a very long time if sealed properly in plastic buckets. It is usually recommended that new buckets be used. Plastic will often absorb the flavors and odors of the food that is stored in them. These odors can be passed along to other foods stored later.

When dried foods are stored, it may be helpful for bay leaves to be included between layers of the dried food. Probably, one of the largest threats to stored, dried items are bugs. When bay leaves are nestled between layers of the items, it seems to reduce the occurrence of these the nasty critters.

Finding ways to provide longterm food storage may help families on a budget to eat healthy at a lower cost. Although, the initial purchase of the groceries may seem high, over the course of several months, it may prove to be rather inexpensive. Preservation is also helpful for families who choose to grow their own produce.

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