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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Know What Happens And When To Visit An Emergency Room Houston

By Jillian Roth

There are occasions where a visit to an emergency room Houston is warranted. Unfortunately, many hospitals are taking on patients in their trauma units that could have been taken care of with a trip to urgent care or a doctor's appointment. These same patients are not seen right away, because they are forced to wait as more critical cases pass through.

The cost of visiting a trauma center versus seeing a regular doctor can be staggering. Many people do not realize it until the bill arrives. If a circumstance arrives where medical care is necessary, but not crucial, call a primary care physician. They can decipher whether one should seek ER care or just make their way to the office for an appointment.

A true trauma means someone is placed in a life or death circumstance. People experiencing chest pains and difficulty breathing should definitely go to an ER. Break some bones or vomit up blood and seek immediate medical attention. There is a big difference between a finger with a cut and one that has been severe. Severed digits need stitches in a hospital and a cut finger can get by with ointment and a bandage.

Patients entering a trauma care center that are awake and able to speak will go through processing by a nurse. The nurse takes blood pressure and checks the heart rate, just as they would any other time. The nurse also asks for information, so that the treating physician will have some information on which to base medical treatment.

The doctor goes over the information in the chart and in an effort to help the patient, performs an exam. The physician also inquires as to what the main issue is. An ER doctor works differently because they have to find a solution quickly as to why one has ended up there. They use tests to gauge the level of illness.

Because there are serious trauma cases where individuals cannot speak or are not conscious, the emergency room Houston staff leaps into action. They operate at high levels to save patients.

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