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Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Do People Visit Restaurants?

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By Dmitry Vasenyov

Even if you do not have a suitable kitchen at your apartment, you are able to cook at home a dish costing $ 3 or less (excluding spirits). In the restaurant with a hall of a medium size, grill-bar and bistro you cannot eat for such money. If you propose a portion of soup for 2.95 dollars to customers, then you will have tight-fisted clients who will order nothing, having eaten all the bread, available on the table. When the hall is filled enough, you will not notice anything. But if there are a few guests, you may notice that the waiters and waitresses like to serve such clients a long while or count off without checks.

Since it is possible to satisfy the natural human need for food for such low fee, then why a lot of people are ready to pay fortunes for visiting restaurants? Notice, how I put the question: not why do restaurants have such high prices, but why so many persons are ready to pay so much money?

Of course, the desire to eat deliciously - is just one of the reasons for visiting the restaurants, because you go there not only to still hunger. People working away from home have to eat somewhere, like the passengers in the train; though plenty of people buy a sandwich and eat it on the bench in the park.

Most persons visit restaurants in order to communicate with others, to discuss business or simply disport themselves. Wealthy representatives of the middle class, after having forty-hour workweek have 128 hours of free time a week, have both money and time. So, restaurants are part of the leisure industry.

So, the restaurant stands on a par with cinemas, theaters and other places of recreation. It becomes a part of the ritual of communication with the right people.

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