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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fresh And Organic Food From A Gourmet Market NYC

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By Audrey Boone

Only the freshest and most organic foods are available from a gourmet market NYC. An assortment of luxury goods is for sale. The stores focus is on superior taste and quality of food items flavor. Any type of speciality food can be purchased including baked goods and items from the deli. Catering for top end parties can also be arranged.

Only the freshet tastiest cuts of meat can be purchased from our butchery. Only the finest cuts of lamb and beef are served by our butchery and our chickens are farm fresh. Fillets of fish and seafood fresh from the ocean can be bought daily and fish products can be pre ordered. Some specialty pre prepared dished such as meatballs, kebabs and tenderized meats have been designed especially for the barbecue.

Chicken, red meat and fish of the highest quality is available from our butchery at the gourmet market. We feature prime cuts of beef and lamb to order, and farm fresh chickens are available every day. Fresh fillets of fish can be purchased as can different shell fish and fish products. We offer a number of specialty dishes designed for a barbecue such as kebabs, meatballs and cuts of meat in tenderizing sauces.

Commercially produced dairy products are not sold in our gourmet food market, we only have organic dairy available at our gourmet market. We stock only full cream milk, natural yogurt which has live cultures, thick cream and ice cream. We also have a number of different flavours of frozen yogurt in our freezers.

Platters can be produced for functions, events and upmarket parties. A range of options is available for pre order, or special menus can be created for people who have dietary needs. A range of foods that are wheat free, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free are also available for people who have dietary allergies and food intolerance at the gourmet market.

Our bakery is renowned for its world class assortment of baked goods. The daily offering includes a selection of breads, cakes, biscuits, donuts and desserts which are baked fresh. Our cheese selection is inspired by the fresh croissants and bread rolls on offer.

Our bakery is world class and is renowned for its speciality baked goods. A daily assortment of cakes, breads, donuts, biscuits and desserts is available. We bake the freshest bread rolls and croissants, the ideal complement to our cheese and pickle selection.

The gourmet market NYC can be browsed at your leisure and you can hand pick the items which appeal to you. We feature recommended combinations of food, especially the more unusual types, throughout the shop. A loyalty card is available for regular clients.

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