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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

French Roast - No Wincing Please

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By Pete Phaedrus

It is not uncommon to see some wincing when you mention French Roast coffee.

The truth is that many people have a low opinion of French Roast Coffee as a bitter and burnt coffee. Surprisingly, a high quality French Roast Coffee is not heavy and bitter - but this has not always been the case. The French Roast earned it's reputation in the early days as a way to mask poor quality coffee

The Term French Roast comes from the roasting which was done until the beans were very dark. France got their beans from their colonies in North Africa and the beens were not of good quality. Go figure, start with low quality beans and then practically burn them and you have a recipe for a big cup of wince.

French Roasting quality Arabica beans is a whole different story. Dark Roasting unlocks some of the deep tones in the coffee and makes for a beautifully smooth and memorable cup of coffee. What causes the bitter? The usual suspects are:

Low quality Robusto beans

Burning / over-roasting

Incorrectly grinding your beans

Most of the big players in the coffee world will sell you a French Roast coffee, made of Robusto rejects burnt to a crisp. they may even bee so kind as to grind it with no mind to how you intend to brew it and . . . Dare I say sell it in a tin can. We need to stop this - It's been abuse.

At we go to great lengths to avoid all of these pit falls. We use only the best Arabica beans, roasted to perfection and we sell what may be the world's best coffee grinder, the Bunn Home Coffee Grinder. Because of this you are in for a rare treat this month with our French Roast Coffee. Whether you make it in a drip coffee maker or go all of the way and brew it in your French Press you are going to love it. "Fuel for Life"

No need to wince.

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