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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Benefits of Eating Bananas

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By Pale Kibb

Even monkeys realize the importance of eating bananas daily. Humans can also expect to notice some beneficial changes that eating bananas can bring. Keep reading to see what additional benefits this treat can offer.

Research has proven that due to the sucrose, glucose and fructose natural sugars, that banana's can offer you up that pick up that you may find that you need throughout the course of your day. Women can appreciate this treat as it is beneficial to regulating blood glucose that will help with those mood swings during PMS. Because this fruit is high in iron, it is also ideal for those that suffer from anemia.

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure will also be happy to know that they can lower their blood sugar by eating a banana due to the amounts of potassium and the fact that bananas are low in salt. As a result, the FDA has given their approval for advertising to include statements that bananas can help reduce stroke and high blood pressure.

After some research it has been discovered that students who had bananas for breakfast, with their lunches and as an afternoon treat were able to up their concentration and in doing so they also added potassium which gave them enough energy to get through the school day and be able to concentrate more which led to better grades.

Chronic constipation sufferers will be happy to find that this yellow delight has enough fiber to regulate their bowels. This is also ideal for hangovers. Simply make a banana milkshake with a little bit of honey and you will soon find that your upset stomach has calmed down substantially. This can also help with heartburn and regulating your blood pressure without the use of medication.

Pregnant women can introduce the yellow confection into their diets and in doing so can curve the inevitable morning sickness. They are also able to keep sugar levels low and provide needed nutrients to the baby.

In conclusion, adding this fruit to you daily diet has numerous benefits. This can be eaten with breakfast or even as a yummy snack on the go.

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