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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roses Reinvented: Rose Petals In Mouth-watering Food Concoctions

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By Neela Vazzana

The day of hearts is fast approaching. Do you have any plans on how you would celebrate this considerably special day for couples? Definitely, it doesn't matter of you would go out of town or just a simple celebration at home. What is critical is that Valentine's Day will never be complete with food and beverages. Indeed, just customized food and beverage alone are ample to keep lovers surviving in this very special day.

On the other hand, Valentines is also synonymous to chocolates and roses. Chocolates maybe related to promotional food and beverage but how about roses? Can you possibly cook these roses and serve dishes with its petals? Well, believe it or not, these roses can certainly be eaten. More than that, you can actually include rose petals as your customized food and beverage menu. What are the interesting recipes that you can include these flowers? Here are some them.

Rose Tea

This is one of the most common things that you can implement to red roses. There are ready made rose tea brew that you can just acquire in some specialty stores. For added flavor you can get rose petals and add it on your tea cup. This is ideal drink that you can serve on your certainly special breakfast in bed.

Rose Petal Omelet

Yes, there is such customized food item like a rose petal omelet. Just crack eggs and other ingredients in a blender until petals are greatly fine. Cook it the way omelets are being cooked and serve it as part of your breakfast in bed.

Rose Petal Salad

This is exceptional and superb salad that you can serve during your date. Instead of spending these roses as ornaments alone, just get their petals and mix them with other ingredients like chicken slices, tomatoes slices, cucumber slices and others. Just drizzle it with you favorite vinaigrette or salad dressing and your appetizing rose petal salad is all set. This can be a part of your novel customized food item that you can share with your loved one and the rest of the world.

Rose Petal Wine

To come up with this novel customized beverage, all you need are fresh rose petals and your favorite wine. This is an absolutely useful concoction of novel ingredients that you can have on your date. If you want to know the complete details in crafting such beverage, you can permanently check the internet.

These are the unmatched customized food and beverage that you can have for Valentines Day. Indeed, these are roses, reinvented to set your commemoration on fire.

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