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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meatless Main Dish

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By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

           I may have to share with you again another article from the "Food for the Family" section of Health and Home. This was written by Aida Alarcon. I find it very helpful for those who, like me, aim to achieve the grandest age of living healthy.

           Vegetarianism is the oldest known diet to the human race. (see Genesis 1:29). It is the most efficient and wholesome diet for us.

           Here are some reasons why discarding meat is a healthier option:
  • Liability to take disease is increased 10 times by eating meat.
  • Meat is not essential to good health, strength and endurance.
  • Meat is a carrier of diseases, which are readily tranmitted when fresh is eaten.
  • Meat is high in fat and cholesterol, a leading cause of coronary disease.
  • The moral, intellectual, and physical capacities are depreciated by the habitual use of flesh meat.
  • Vegetarians enjoy better health and longer life expectancy.
  • Vegetarian diet chosen from nature's bona fide and healthful supply tends toward freedom of intellect and a sweetness and serenity of disposition, imparting strength to meet the challenges of life 
Why not try practicing being a vegetarian with this meatless main dish recipe. You will surely love it and live it. For our long life!


You will need:

1/2    kilo VG for bopis (available at vegetarian stores)
         or substitutes like gluten or textured vegetable protein, diced.
1/4    kilo radish, diced
1/2    cup carrots, diced
1/2    cup tomatoes, diced
1       piece onion, diced
2       tablespoons garlic, crushed
3       tablespoons ginger, chopped
1/2    cup vinegar or calamansi juice
1/4    cup black pepper
1       cup soy sauce
1       cup tomato sauce (optional)
1/2    annato seeds or atswete water
         Salt to taste

Here's how:

1. Saute garlic, ginger, and onions. When the aroma comes out, add tomatoes and cook until done.
2. Add radish and cook until transparent.
3. Add carrots and VG for bopis.
4. Season with salt, soy sauce, and black pepper.
5. Add tomato sauce, annato seeds or atswete water. Continue mixing and simmering until cooked.
6. Best served when hot.

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