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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delectable Cuisine Cajun Food Dallas

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By Lee Jimenez

Cajun food is most well known in the south, Louisiana is the home of French immigrants who where forced to America by the British when they where deported. Soon after their unique style of creole cooking emerged. Traditional Cajun food Dallas is made in 3 dishes to make one meal. The staples of the meal are the following steamed rice, a main dish that is the meat, and whatever available vegetables are in season.

Main dishes are usually made up of pork, poultry and game birds consisting of chicken, duck, quail or dove. Also used is fresh or salt water variations of fish, oysters, shrimp, crayfish or any shell fish. Other favorites include turtle, alligator and frog legs. Beef is not used unless it is in soups or stews. Preparation of the main dish or meat comes in many forms from braising to boiled, baked, fried and barbecued to name just a few.

All Cajun dishes have the same basic variations of seasonings that are used like bay leaves, oregano, cayenne pepper, thyme, garlic and sassafras leaves. Then there are the basic staples used for vegetables that include onion celery, and bell peppers. Other staples are sugarcane and molasses. These inexpedience make up the traditional creole flavoring that makes it unique.

Some of the favorite Cajun dishes include Boudin is a type of sausage made from pork, garlic and onion, with rice added and seasoned with spices. Another is Gumbo is made with chicken and sausage, all of the ingredients depend greatly on what is available and in abundance at the time. Next is Jambalaya it includes rice and peppers, onions, celery with several variations.

A special celebration that the Cajun's like to partake in is the crayfish boil best known and practiced still today in the south. It's an outdoor party where corn, potatoes and onions along with the crayfish are all boiled outside in large pots. They season the boil with small bags with dried herbs, and cayenne pepper are added to the pot. This concoction is known as crab boil to season the seafood. When it is time to eat the food is dished in large plates and eaten with ones hands.

There is also a celebration called a Boucherie, which is a pig slaughtering for the purpose of using and preserving every part of the pig including the internal organs for later use. It was a event to gather, dance, and socialize. Not much was wasted when it came to cooking and eating for the Cajuns.

An interesting fact about Cajun and creole seasonings is that there is no set recipe and it is mixed together to taste. There is no usage of teaspoon or table spoon in the recipes, it is simply (for example) bay leaves, sassafras, hot Chile powder and so on.

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