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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What You Need To Know When Using Hot Peppers?

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By Arnetta Hootsell

I just love spicy foods. I just love the taste of the hot peppers with my ice cream, jalapenos in my cookies and habaneros in my cheesecake. It is unusual, truly it is! I am into hot spicy tasty recipes that is why my boyfriend gave me a hot pepper recipe book as a present.One of my favorite things to make, however, is hot sauce. Many recipes are there but it is only time which I need to have to begin with one. I grow my own habaneros and jalapenos plants in my pot so I will not anymore go to the grocery store and buy one. While the jalapenos did mildly okay (pun completely intended), my habanero plants grew pretty little white flowers that never turned into peppers. I think, the grocery stores will rob my cash still.

I will clearly tell you to use gloves or any other hand shield when dealing with very hot peppersYou must utilize one used plastic produce bags whenever you are in the store loading your basket full of those beautiful orange habanero peppers, or those luscious deep green jalapenos.Plastic gloves is perfect if you are home, cutting, chopping and drooling. I wasn't thinking when I grab the plastic filled with habaneros,wash them all after placing in the sink during the time that I was about to get ready for something chilly in a dinner for my boyfriend. I toweled my hands and place my gloves then chop the peppers after. When I was done , I place it in a nonreactive pot on the stove to cook along with the vinegar and spices to match, something hit my eye so I immediately rubbed it. Seconds later, I was flying into the bathroom splashing cold water on my eye. Burning! Pain! Ouch! I was glad nobody was at home.I was scolding the peppers all the way down.Remember when I was washing the peppers?I forgot to use gloves. And just like the kid who falls off his bike while showing off those handless steering techniques and hurts himself, I paid for my inattention to this little detail with blurred vision and burning for at least a couple hours. Forget, me? Nah...Nope!

There is another important detail you should keep in mind. In preparing the peppers, wash throughly the materials you used. The neutralizes the oil of the peppers so with a cold, soapy water, dip in the tools you used. For the second time around, wash clearly with a soapy water to finish.Cleaning up afterwards like this will help keep the next foods you prepare from leaving a burn on the lips and tongue. Here is an easy recipe to try if you are so inclined:1-2 pounds of hot peppers (jalapenos are milder than habaneros)

1-2 pounds of hot peppers (jalapenos are milder than habaneros)

2 cups of distilled white vinegar

Peppers must be coarsely chop then into the blender place some vinegar and salt. Pour into a nonreactive pot and cook at medium heat 5-10 minutes after blending it. Using a funnel, pour into a clean jar. Place it in your refrigerator. A couple of months must be allowed first to pass so the sauce will be more thick. After making the sauce, it is ready to eat however waiting for a time will produce a very good taste. Bear in mind to use gloves when using peppers and thoroughly clean the use equipment after using.

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