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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reasons To Avoid Drinking Bottled Water

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By Mark Moller

Bottled water has been a hot sales topic for years. Bottled water retailers have led the public to believe that bottled water is healthier and better-tasting as compared to tap water. This is, however, not necessarily the case.

Water is bottled from many locations. Consumers might be surprised, when studying the label on their preferred brand of bottled water, to find that almost 40 percent of water bottles are, in fact, tap water which has been filtered. Consumers can conduct this same filtration method at home by purchasing a water filter. Additionally, fewer health regulations are placed on bottled water compared to tap water, meaning, the bottled water purity is not as closely observed or tested as tap water. Consumers ought to be aware that though they might believe they are purchasing water bottled at a natural source they may just be paying for tap water at a high price.

Plastic bottles used when bottling water feed into pollution as well. Constructing water bottles, that most typically contain polyethylene terepthalate (PET), involves crude oil. Yearly, an estimated 17 million oil barrels are used to generate water bottles, using an amount of oil and energy that would fuel a million cars. It is no wonder the price of water bottles is high. Furthermore, current research indicates the majority of water bottles do not get recycled once the water is consumed. This contributes significantly to our landfills, especially since water bottles that contain PET require 400 to 1,000 years in order to degrade.

In relation to plastic water bottles that contain PET, speculations of health concerns have long been a fear. As plastic is heated, chemical leakage occurs from the plastic to the water inside. Those who leave packages of water bottles in their cars or store them in their garage may be at risk. It seems no one is quite sure of just how much of these chemicals are safe to intake without causing health related issues. Hence, the rising concerns from those who habitually drink from water bottles made with plastic containing PET.

There are so many reasons not to drink water bottles. After becoming aware of these issues, bottled water does not seem so smart. Why continue adding to landfills that will still be here after you are long gone? Equally shocking are the health risks people place upon themselves each time a bottle of water is consumed.

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