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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mickey Mouse Sandwich Maker

French bread sandwich with fries.French bread sandwich with fries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Jackson Jones

Sandwich makers were very popular round the world since they were invented in the early 1920s. The Panini is a form of brown bread that looks similar to a hot dog bread, except that it is more crispy.

It was only after that, that a number of other designs came in and displaced the sandwich maker from its favored position. Nowadays you get the sandwich presses that not only toast the bread, but also give you the option of making your sandwiches or panini sandwiches in them.

They are also not much more expensive than the sandwich makers and are in fact a better option than even the old toasters. This is sometimes also called a panini maker.

The sandwich grill is nothing but a simple grill with a heating element on both sides so that the bread browns evenly on both sides. The Proctor Silex 25401 is a good option here. The grill is covered with non stick material so that your bread does not stick to it.

Because it does not seal the sides, you can take your sandwich after it is done and then put in a slice of cheese inside after that.

Choose the right size sandwich maker, too small will make you frustrated before everyone gets their breakfast and too big will probably cost you $20 extra which you could have spent on ingredients for sandwiches. It is therefore a good option to get the cheapest one that you can find. Going in for a really expensive one would only be a waste of money.

There are cheaper models with cast iron plates but I suggest you not take them, because Teflon surfaces are just that much easier to clean. I think there is a direct relation between frequency in usage of a tool and the ease of cleaning it.

In fact they cost just the same as a dual sandwich maker, but you can make three at a pinch. They also cost the same. A toastie maker is not to be used if you want to make something and eat it immediately.

There is a piece of metal or plastic that locks the handles when using the device.

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