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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Cure Insomnia - Top Tips And Techniques Exposed

By Sean T Saunders

A common health problem in modern industrialized countries is that of insomnia or sleeplessness. People?s psychological as well as physiological health could be harmed by not getting enough restful sleep every night. Many individuals consider taking sleeping tablets for treating their insomnia, but on doing research find out that this is a short term solution that can actually make insomnia worse as well as having negative effects on overall health. You have many home remedies for insomnia that are holistic and natural and have been used safely and effectively for many years by people across the globe.

One of the main reasons that people have problems with insomnia these days is high levels of emotional stress and anxiety. If you happen to be one of these people, then instead of taking sleeping tablets, you should consider the numerous types of relaxation techniques that can be utilized to handle your emotional stress and make you relaxed and calm. Yoga can be an excellent method to relax as it combines many different techniques. Stretching exercises, meditation and deep breathing are applied in Yoga to bring mental and physical relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation works by consciously allowing every muscle tissue of your body to relax, starting from your toes and moving towards your head.

If you create a daily sleeping routine it will likely be much easier for your body to adjust with the natural circadian sleep rythyms. Once your body and mind realize what time they are supposed to sleep at and what time they should awaken, you will see that getting to sleep a simple process. Try to get to bed and wake up at about the same times every day. If for any reason you could not get adequate sleep, don?t stay in bed in the morning. It is better to rise up at the normal time and take a nap sometime during the day.

Home cures for insomnia also include ensuring that the bedroom is conducive for relaxation and sleep. Your bedroom needs to be kept at a cool temperature and should have fresh air circulating through them. Too much light can disturb sleep therefore the room should be darkened. Noise is another deterrent to sleep therefore the bedroom should be fairly quiet. The bed that is being used must be large enough and comfortable. Bed linens must be made from comfortable and breathable materials. The right quality head support that allows the head to rest comfortably is also a necessity for refreshing sleep.

One can find a lot of herbal home treatments for insomnia which have been used safely and efficiently for centuries. These natural therapies are a better alternative to achieving a restful sleep than prescription medicines and sleeping tablets. Valerian root is a powerful sedative and is an ancient cure for anxiety and sleeplessness. It is available for purchase in drug stores in most European countries and in North America can be found in natural food and health stores. Chamomile and passionflower make relaxing teas that aid sleep. Kava is a folk herbal remedy which is used as a sedative and is effective against sleeplessness.

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