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Monday, April 23, 2012

Do You Know How To Cure Back Acne?

By Sean T Saunders

Acne that occurs on the back is often called 'bacne' and it is usually caused by most of the same factors which cause acne to break out on the face. A combination of genetics and hormonal activity stimulates the sebaceous glands which are located at hair follicles beneath the skin and this leads to an excessive production of sebum oil. A normal quantity of this oil is beneficial but excessive amount of it causes skin pores to become blocked with a mixture of oil, dead skin and microbes and that can cause back acne.

Individuals who have this type of skin problem are normally looking for a way to remove back acne in an effective manner. There are a variety of measures that can be taken to eliminate back acne and the very first aspect that you should think about is personal cleanliness. All of the areas on your back and body that show signs of acne need to be washed twice daily, preferably using a soap that includes sulfur or the one which is anti-bacterial. After any physical activities that cause body perspiration, clean the body thoroughly in order to prevent potential acne infections.

To remove back acne it is also a wonderful idea to exfoliate the skin on the back of your torso on a routine basis. Use a loofah, brush or other mildly abrasive tool to remove oil and dead skin cells from your back. The back has thicker skin than that over the face therefore it is safe to scrub a little harder on this area. Pay attention to how the skin reacts to this and stop if it seems to be unduly annoying the skin. A scrub to help remove the dead skin could be made out of grainy items like salt or sugar.

Many gel or cream products that include effective medications are available at drug stores for topical use on back acne. The ingredients recommended most by skin specialists are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Both of these chemical substances work as a mild exfoliate which cleans out the pores of your skin by removing oil, dead skin cells and dirt. In addition they destroy the microorganisms that can cause acne to occur on your back. It is not recommended that you apply them both at the same time because they can react with each other. These chemicals can dry out the skin so use a good moisturizer as well.

When you are trying to get rid of your back acne, keeping all of the things that can come into contact with your skin dirt free and germ-free is very important. Bed sheets, towels, pillow cases and all your clothes has to be laundered regularly with a strong but hypoallergenic detergent in order to destroy any bacteria which have accumulated on them. Don't wear a backpack or other items that might rub or chafe your back and infuriate the skin. When you have followed all of the suggested steps and are still having an acne problem, it's best to consult a dermatologist.

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