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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Ways To Make Health Recipes

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By Erica Mitchell

* Healthy recipes will be something loved by children and adults alike. Making some healthy recipes will be appreciated by all members of the family at the same time sometimes challenging. And most of time, readymade recipes can also be hard to find. This is why we have to really come up with something that will be make everyone in the family eat and enjoy. And one of these possibly good ones is the recipe for the turkey soup with ground hamburger. This will definitely bring you lots of benefits, it is usually loved by most kids, friends and it is easy on your wallet and waistline too.

And this is not so time-consuming too that you will not stay that long in your kitchen. Just remember these rules. You need: 1 lb ground turkey or extra lean hamburger* (please refer to the note below) tsp. dried oregano 3 cups Water, hot tsp. Black Pepper 1 cup sliced carrots 8 oz. of Tomato Sauce tsp. Seasoned Salt 1 cup Celery, Sliced 1 tbsp. Soy sauce, Low-sodium 1 envelope Dry Onion Soup Mix 1 cup cooked Macaroni cup Parmesan Cheese, grated Here's how: * Mix all ingredients together, but not the parmesan cheese and macaroni, do this in your slow cooker.

* Cook them all for about six to eight hours.

* Then have the macaroni cooked (as per instructions) and turn your slow cooker to high level. Then you can put the cooked parmesan cheese and the macaroni.

* Have it cooked for some fifteen-twenty minutes more.

* Serve it up and let the family enjoy!

(Note: The actual size of the slow cooker that you can use for this recipe should be a four-quart one. The recipe can make up to six different servings for everyone.)

* A recipe that is rich in Vitamin C and will help the children a lot in staying healthy and protected from any sickness. One of the greatest things about this vitamin is that it is a good anti-inflammatory and a powerhouse supply of anti-oxidant; this will definitely repair the oxygen-based damaged done to our cells. The vitamin C can also be found in many different fruits and veggies too. The only thing we must do so that the kids will enjoy eating and getting this essential vitamin is by presenting them in appealing colors and designs that will motivate them to eat even more. We can make these citrus fruits as good sources of this vitamin oranges, strawberries, and lemons. Here is a great recipe for promoting Vitamin C more. Its called "Strawberry Fluff Recipe". Read on and learn!

Have the following: 16 oz. of fresh or frozen strawberries * large Cool Whip tub cup of sugar * pkg. marshmallows, colored Do these: a. Firstly, cut all the strawberries up b. Mix them up with the Cool Whip c. Put the sugar d. Mix them really well e. Add in and stir in the package marshmallows, to f. Refrigerate before serving

* A good and healthy recipe for busy moms. This is surely a recipe that will be loved by children, although the ingredient used here is already found in a popular food ... meat loaf! Given the fact that there are so many meat loaf recipes out there already, we still need something that can be done in just a few minutes so that no time is ever wasted. This is helpful for busy moms too. Apart from meat loaf, you can also try and replace it with ground beef, sausages, and even ground veal and pork-the variety is limitless. The recipe given below is a basic one that will take no time at all to make. This is called, "Basic and Easy Meatloaf Healthy Recipe!".

You need these: 1 pounds of ground chuck 2 pcs of eggs 1 teaspoon of salt cup of bread crumbs, Italian style 1 teaspoon of each garlic powder & also onion powder, (though optional) teaspoon of pepper 1 large onion, really finely chopped 2 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce (optional, but can be wise) cup of catsup (can be more on top if you desired) Perform the following: * First, preheat your oven to 375 ?F * Then in a large loaf pan (can also be ovenproof baking dish, if you want) start to mix all the ingredients * Start shaping this into loaf shape.

* You can bake it at 375 for an hour or until it is done.

* You can opt to cover the top with a lot more catsup especially during the last remaining 20 minutes of your baking.

* A recipe having chocolate in it but still has the healthy benefit and the goodness. It is true, there are still some recipes out there that are chocolate based but still healthy and good for your waistline too. Since every one of us is a chocolate lover, in one way or another, this will surely be goodness for us. So, given below is a brownies recipe that will surely make out mouth water. We all know that brownies can be presented in many ways; it can be cakey or sometimes fudgy; it can also be sliced in cute shapes of squares or just baked flatly. Lets call this recipe "Brownies Moist and A Lot More".

You need to prepare this: 1 1/3 cup of all purpose flour 1 cup of butter 1 tsp of baking powder 2 cups white sugar, refined 2/3 cup of Hershey's chocolate powder 1/4 tsp of refined salt 4 pcs large eggs 1 tsp of vanilla extract You need to do the following: * Start by preheating your oven to 375? F * Mix the following: baking powder, purpose flour, salt, and chocolate power all together. Do this at least 3 different times. Then put it to the side.

* Third step, place the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat them with an electric mixer. You can now put in the eggs, just one at a time, until they become fluffy and light. Now, at a lower speed, you will mix together a tsp of extract vanilla with the four mixture. Be sure to mix them well.

* Fourth, start to wax a 9" x 13" rectangular pan. Place the mixture by spreading it evenly. You have to then bake it in half an hour. Allow it to cool down before serving.

* Put your love into the mix. You will see that this recipe is really easy to make, and every bite is so scrumptious that children and adult really love so much.

* A very well loved and familiar chicken recipe with a newer twist. Chicken is the most-loved and the simplest meat to prepare. Preparing this can be less time-consuming and present the health goodness that it always has. Almost all members of any family love chicken and preparing something that is given on a new light will also be another additional goodness. And since we know that chicken is only meat that every member of our family can all agree on most of the time, the recipe below can be just the perfect one for you to prepare on. This is Chicken Casserole. Read on the simple preparation that recipe will ask for.

You will need: 605 g pack of chicken fillets, thigh part, no skin 500 g new of potatoes, quartered 2 carrots thickly sliced and peeled 1 tbsp of olive oil 600 ml of stock, can be done out of a stock cube 2 rosemary and also 2 thyme sprigs leaves 1 halved and finely sliced onion 2 sticks celery, thickly sliced 2 tbsp of corn flour 1 tbsp of plain flour Seeded or crusty whole grain bread when serving You will do: * 180 C preheating of your oven. The oil over a large pan, ovenproof should be heated too. Cook the onion until it gets soft; add in the celery and carrots stirring them so that they will be all coated in oil. Cook this for 4-5 minutes.

* Second step is to toss the chicken into the flour, adding it to the pan. Cook until light brown. Put the potatoes, thyme, rosemary, and stock. Heat until simmer; also cover and let stand to cook for 45 minutes in the oven.

* Finally, mix the four 4 tablespoons of water to the corn flour to make a paste. Stir it into the casserole and cook again for another more 10 mins. Then you will be ready to serve with some bread.

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