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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Personal Chef vs. Private Chef

By Paul Monahan

The world today is gradually becoming fast paced by the minute. Everyone seems too busy, and doesn't even bother to stop if they're on the move. Being that fast-paced, they can ignore little things and either lose or neglect time for their own end. An example of this little things is food preparation for themselves, specially when living alone. Over and over, people will turn to fastfood and no-cook meals that doesn't really provide full enjoyment of eating. With the high tech innovations, however, there are lots of alternatives in enjoying good quality food that is match for a good meal in a fine dining restaurant right in the comforts of your home.

There are quite a few people who're hiring their private or personal chefs since this is a good alternative in going to fancy restaurants, instant meals, or fast food. Some could cost money, but it is priceless when you have the chance to enjoy well-prepared food in the comfort of your home without exerting much effort. But why do people resort to these services nowadays?

A personal chef was only for the rich and famous before, but not now. There has been a wide variety of personal chef services all around, and there's a lot of choices to choose from. It has become affordable and can be availed by anyone. A personal chef takes the time to take note of your preferences, like what ingredients you don't want to add on certain dishes or dishes that you prefer to eat on a regular basis. They save a lot of time for you, since they do the shopping and knows to get the best and freshest ingredients for you to enjoy. They always come ready and have everything they need to prepare your meals in the comfort of your own home, and cleans up everything when they're done. When you get home, just reheat the dishes in storage and bon appetit!

A private chef is almost exactly the same with a personal chef, however in relation to to work just for a particular group or person is what sets it apart. Private chefs are typically hired by families who are very busy and have a hectic schedule. They are hired by people in unique families or by a particular group. Private chefs sometimes are taken along in family travels, and most of the time is present while their clients eat. They still enjoy the same things as with personal chefs as they can have the professional equipment but in a feel-at-home atmosphere with no pain of cleaning up a large deal of mess after having a long day's work.

Whether you are a client searching for the correct service or a chef searching for a career, there are specific things that need to be considered. With a private chef, clients who hire them don't mind paying for a higher fee for quality dining. The majority of private chefs prefer acquiring ingredients in different places which would mean added fees. They also get more pay since people who usually avail their services are distinct families, actors and actresses so a better paycheck is expected. However, expect you'll see intimate things also. A number of your clients may be in their bath robes while eating, and you usually hear conversations, but gradually become a part of the family. When a client particularly requests for a certain brand for a certain ingredient and if you can't find one near the place your working in, you might be having problems. When your client travels, it is likely that the private chef will be there too. Free travel!

A personal chef has the liberty of having more clients, as long as they can handle their time properly. They're on a "clean as you go " basis, but doesn't have to clean as much as someone in a restaurant. However, even though a personal chef can handle several clients, there are days that it gets mixed up and it gets stressful. Mixing up schedules or unavoidable events can bring disaster so it also gets hard as well. It's also been known that pay is a bit less with being a personal chef compared to being a private chef.

Private Chef or a Personal Chef? It's your own choice. If it is about good food for you to enjoy, one thing is for certain- both the personal chef and private chef can rise to the occasion. It really depends on the preferences though.

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