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Friday, February 11, 2011

Special-All about Cooking

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By William Evans

## What are cooking schools?

Cooking schools help you learn how to cook in ways that are interactive and fun. You'll be taught how to make a number of delicious dishes, and you may take the recipes home with you.

## Let's say I've never cooked before?

Cooking schools seek to instill a love of cuisine in their students, particularly in novice cooks! The course instructors are good at making every student feel at ease, and you will be creating tasty dinners before you know it.

## What kind of food will I learn to cook?

So you are curious about what cooking classes Melbourne has available. Most schools teach casual dining and will often offer a wide variety of simple and fast dishes. If you would like to be taught a distinct type of authentic cooking, look for a specialty school, like:

- Greek

- Japanese

- Spanish

- Italian

- Thai

- Vegetarian Food

## Are these meals healthy?

Most cooking schools emphasize using fresh, local produce in their recipes. These meals are not processed or full of preservatives, so they're much healthier than typical restaurant food. The cooking school can provide you with the nutritional information for each recipe you'll prepare. They may also offer a "healthy eating" menu featuring foods that are low in fat, salt, or sugar.

## Are these classes costly?

You will find most instructional classes priced under one hundred dollars. For this fee you will discover how to prepare a number of complete meals, including an appetizer, main course, plus a dessert. You'll have the recipes in hand so you can make them time and again. You'd spend about the same amount dining out 3 times, but with little to show for it but an expanding waistline! The money spent is a wise investment.

## Just how can I sign up for a cooking class?

Simply contact one of the numerous schools for cooking classes Melbourne has to offer. You'll be able to find them by carrying out an internet search, or by turning to your local yellow pages. Menus generally vary week to week, so be sure that the day you choose has some of your favorite meals on the list of options.

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