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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Restaurant Dessert Recipes Are Hard To Discover, But You Can Make Them At Home

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By Emma Madison

Upon leaving a favorite restaurant of yours, something that always makes conversation is the dessert platter. Every restaurant goes out of its way to create the perfect dessert and now you too can enjoy these treats from your home with restaurant dessert recipes.

It won't matter what kind of ethnic restaurant you have, you'll find that dessert menus are at every place in town. It can be a seafood restaurant, or a Mexican diner, you'll get the invitation to try their desserts once you're done with your main meal.

Because of this, big restaurants have to do everything they can to create a signature dessert to offer guests. It can be difficult recreating a fudge brownie or apple pie slice in order to distinguish it from the rest of the competition. But that is exactly what the top restaurants do; spend time and money creating the perfect restaurant dessert recipes.

Just about everybody has a sweet tooth these days, and many wind up ordering the dessert. Though not everyone will order the hamburger or even try the salmon - very few people will resist a nice chocolate-covered cookie, perched atop a couple of scoops of gourmet ice cream.

These dessert recipes from the quality restaurants will also be the most difficult to find, and for good reason. Many restaurants publish certain entres, or will publish their popular recipes, but don't expect them to do this with their desserts. The reason is simply that they don't want the word to get out about their top-secret menu of desserts, they need to stay on top of their competitors.

If you know what you're doing, you should be able to discover a fair number of restaurant dessert recipes using a browser search. If you tried to go to the restaurant manager, you would likely face rejection. In this era of information and computers assisting with research, you can find the information you need to make these desserts from home, which means the ingredients and techniques.

You should be aware that every tiny step should be adhered to when it comes to following the recipes. You need to ensure that you use the same ice creams, the brands of ingredients, to how you warm up the fudge. If there is a whipped cream involved, for instance, you need to make it exactly the same way they did in the restaurant, or get their suggested replacements. Most of the recipes will include some ultra-secret ingredient as well.

It may be challenging trying to get the same exact recipe you were after, but the fact is that you can probably piecemeal the recipe from multiple places online if you really were determined. Likely a forum or article, or e-book, may have your recipes. Just make sure that you take time to research it properly, and you should have no issues in finding your much-wanted restaurant dessert recipes.

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