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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Few Reasons to Drink Soy Milk

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By Paul King

More often than not when people see someone drinking soy milk they may be quick to assume that it is because they are either a vegetarian or that they are lactose intolerant. What they may fail to realize however is that there are some great benefits to drinking soy milk. This type of milk is also very delicious.

The first reason to drink soy milk is due to the fact that it also contains vegetable proteins. This proves to be an excellent advantage due to the fact that vegetable proteins help with making sure that less calcium is being passed through the kidneys. Also, this type of protein contains dairy and animal protein that assists with lessening risks for osteoporosis.

Recent studies have shown that a major part of the world's population, 75% to be exact, is lactose intolerant. But they have also discovered that not all ethic groups are affected the same way either. An example of this is Asian people who are overall 90% lactose intolerant. Another fact is that this type of milk has prebiotic sugars that will boost your immunity in addition to decreasing toxic substances in the body.

Shockingly 2.5 percent of children have an allergic reaction to cow's milk while only .5 percent are allergic to soy milk. If you suffer from cholesterol problems you may find some benefits to drinking soy milk. The reason for this is because researchers and the FDA have discovered and confirmed that by drinking soy milk you are lowering your chances for a coronary heart.

If hormones in your milk are a concern then you can rest easy knowing that soy milk does not contain any hormones. The hormones that are found in cow's milk can also take away from the body's way to work as it should. In case you were wondering, the hormone rBGH that is given to cows is offered to them as a way to increase their production by about 20%.

Studies have also shown that diabetes sufferers that require insulin may have been able to decrease their chances by drinking soy milk earlier in life rather than consuming cow's milk.

The last reason to drink soy milk is that it contains isoflavones. Isoflavones will help not only with cholesterol but also osteoporosis, certain cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer and also soy milk can help to ease symptoms of menopause.

Drinking soy milk is a good alternative to replace cow's milk. It is the most studied materials and it is proven in many internet sources that it is beneficial to your health and your children.

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