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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why You Should Abstain From Having Dinner On The First Date

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By Christine Allen

It's time for that dreaded first date. You may have met someone yourself or were set up by a friend or family member, either way you have to conjure some type of blueprint for your first date. Women are famous for saying they don't care what they do, as long as it can provide a somewhat enjoyable time and allow them to get to know you.

Don't get fooled by that though. You should always try to do something impressive to win her over. Keep in mind that impressive doesn't mean expensive - just taking her to something she hasn't experienced yet is a great start.

Some people like to meet for drinks while others go for more casual coffee or maybe sitting on a park bench and just talking. Surprisingly, some guys opt to have dinner on a first date, which isn't necessarily the right move.

When going out with someone the first time, you don't want to force having to be with them for an extended period of time in case there isn't a connection. Dinner is just unnecessary and there are so many casual things you can do that you don't need to force the issue.

Another problem is that often some people have a certain level of anticipation if they have taken you out for an expensive dinner. IT may even lead to an embarrassing point at the end of the night.

The less awkward of a situation you can create on the first date, the better. The whole situation can sometimes be unpleasant as you both begin to feel comfortable with each other, so don't create additional problems whenever you can help it.

Another problem that you face with dinner is the fact that it is much more expensive. Drinks, coffee, or even a walk in the park is much more affordable for the both of you. You're not trying to buy her after all, you're trying to get to know her - and then determine if you like her.

Why bother spending more on dinner if you don't even know yet if the other person is worth it. You're also doing him or her a favor if he or she feels uncomfortable and doesn't want to spend an extended period of time sitting there and hoping to be somewhere else.

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