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Friday, January 28, 2011

Excellent Tips On How To Grow Organic Tomato Seeds

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By Chad Perry

Most people do not know what a fresh, homegrown vegetable or fruit tastes like. They are used to buying frozen food because of convenience issues. However, there is nothing that comes even close to an organically grown food source. They not only taste better, but also are bigger, more colorful and have gram for gram more nutrients contained in their flesh. If you are a novice gardener, you should start growing organic tomato seeds and see how easy it really is.

The reason why you should start with tomatoes is that they are easy to grow and easy to look after. They thrive in just about any kind of soil and can even be grown hanging upside down from a balcony. There are all varieties from which to choose, such as those small cocktail ones to the large plumb ones.

If you want to grow some indoors, this is not a problem as all you need is a big container, good potting soil and within a few months, your seedlings will turn into fruit bearing marvels. For the outdoors, it is best to plant them in raised beds so that you can tend to them easily, keep slugs and rodents away from them and be able to water them more productively. Purchase only seeds that are sourced from a reputable re-seller or get yours directly from a farmer who does not use chemicals on his tomatoes.

Makes sure your seeds are in full sunlight and that the area does not have strong wind. Water them frequently but not that much so as to dam up water around the stalks. Try to keep water away from the leaves as well because rot and mold might set in. You need to plant them along a support structure so that they can climb and attach themselves to something.

To get your tomatoes looking like showpieces, they would need to be planted in well draining soil mixed with an organic fertilizer. Your product is going to taste, smell and be juicer than those that are grown with the help of chemicals. Thus, do not use any chemical based product on your tomatoes.

Your first batch might not yield as much as you expected, but you are learning by your mistakes, so do not be disappointed if you do not harvest a ton at first. The satisfaction you will get from growing a food source on your own is contagious.

Growing your own vegetables and benefiting from this wonderful hobby is contagious, so be warned you might just start a complete vegetable garden of all kinds of organic foods. However, start to grow organic tomato seeds first and see how you progress from there.

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