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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why To Add Potassium In Your Food?

By Jane Scott

Foods with potassium are very beneficial for living a healthy life. The function of potassium is that it keeps a check on the levels of pH in our body. They help in having proper pressure of blood, all our systems including nervous, urinary and adrenal functions. When someone do not have intake of foods with potassium he can suffer with deficiency of potassium which in turn would give serious health problems.

Weakness is the common symptom if one is suffering from potassium deficiency. Your body feels tiredness very easily. This interferes with your daily routine and one finds it difficult to do daily work. Problems of blood pressure especially high, heart problems are its symptoms. If one is experiencing such problems, doctor should be consulted.

Hypkalemia is the disease called when one is not having foods with potassium. Diabetic patients and people who have problems with kidney are prone to have mineral imbalance.

Potassium level can be increased by taking foods rich with potassium. Potassium goes in our body through these foods and is wrapped up from small intestine. Absorption of about 90% takes in our small intestine. Our body tries to have proper mineral balance; hence, if potassium reaches our body in larger amounts, it is thrown out through urine and sweat. Therefore, it is advised that one should take proper drinks like fruit juices to have proper balance if one perspires more.

Taking balanced and healthy diet rich with all minerals can prevent you from having imbalance caused due to minerals. Fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains are foods with potassium. Besides these, one can find potassium in meat, poultry and sea food. The intake of potassium in one's diet varies from person to person. Need of foods with potassium in one's diet increases for all those people who sweat more or do a lot of labour.

Both the excess and lack of potassium pose serious threat to our health. Heavy loss of fluid from body and not eating food for a long time will not allow your body to function properly. And alternatively, high levels of potassium can be dangerous too. Heart problems, blood pressure particularly low, pain in joints are the problems arising with more content of potassium in our body. In such cases, one must avoid intake of foods with potassium.

If one is having problems due to low levels of potassium he should try to have foods with potassium. Apples, cabbage, grapes, green beans, plums have low content of potassium and should be avoided.

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