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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

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By Katie Clayton

Surprise and delight your loved one this Christmas with the most expensive chocolate you can buy. The world's priciest chocolates may not be in your price range, however, but it doesn't stop us taking a look at these luxurious treats.

The first on our list is Godiva's new collection of chocolates, "G" which total at $117 for a pound. The heart shaped chocolates are sold exclusively in New York City so it's a bit of a trek if you want to sample them. Part of their luxury comes from the vast range of unique ingredients which they incorporate into the chocolates, including Mexican hot chocolate and Tasmanian honey.

Richart chocolates originate from France but use 70% Venezuelan Crilollo cacao to create a rich and dark taste. These chocolates retail at around $120 for a gram, but you get your money's worth, with delicious fillings like raspberries, almonds and exotic fruits.

Fans of gold would be delighted to receive a box of DeLaFee chocolates this Christmas. The 8 chocolate finger sized pieces are infused with edible 24-carat gold which gives them their glittering appearance. However, they will set you back a fair amount, costing $504 for one box.

Noka chocolates of Dallas are made from the very best and rarest single-source chocolate from Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Trinidad and Ecuador. Their luscious Vintage Collection is made from 75% pure dark cacao and retails at $854 for a 450 gram box, the second highest price in the world.

The king of chocolates has to be Chocopolagie, which was invented by the Danish Chocolatier Franz Knipschildt in Connecticut. These amazing truffles are made from 70% cocoa Valhrona Ganache which is rolled into a ball and then dusted with premium cocoa powder. As the most expensive chocolate in the world, at $2,600 a pound, you will have to be incredibly lucky to receive this for Christmas.

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