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Monday, December 13, 2010

Maqui Berries: The Amazing Anti-Aging Berry

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By Cameron Jefferson

The acai berries may be forgotten once the maqui berries hit the scene! If the name sounds unfamiliar, then that sounds about right. This berry has managed to stay for the most part out of the public eye. But it's overcoming the myth regarding its beginning because its power is authentic. People are learning how berries like this might be boosting immune systems, helping with weight loss, plus cleansing toxins from the body. It really is amazing how this fruit works.

Native to the Patagonia region of Chile, the aristotelia chilensis is also known as the maqui berry. Safely nestled in the rainforest, this evergreen tree yields a dark purple berry. The local wildlife can find it to be a tasty snack. A legend surrounds the Mapuche Indian tribe of a fierce strength and unbelievable endurance. Their traits were attributed to the fruit. But it's not entirely incorrect to believe the berry, nick named the super-fruit, may have something to do with bringing the best out of people.

The maqui berry is full of powerful antioxidants. A specific sort of flavonoid, known as anthocyanin, is the main toxin killer. This antioxidant is found in a lower concentration in such foods as raspberries, blackberries, eggplant, concord grapes, and red cabbage. It makes this fruit almost impervious to the harsh sun and chemicals. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) rating is an internationally recognized scale used to measure antioxidant levels in foods. The maqui berry has one of the highest scores of all berries.

Antioxidants help clean out body systems by flushing them of built up toxins. There are several ways for toxins to enter the body, such as through the skin, inhalation, or existing in food. When the toxins are gone, bodily functions can work properly. This increases metabolism, and can in turn increase energy as well. In combination with a balanced diet and exercise, a natural toxin eliminator like the maqui berry may help to lose weight. Before a regiment is added to any diet, always seek a doctor or professional's advice.

Scientists are also studying the effect antioxidants have on illnesses. One of the most important body systems to boost is the immune system. This system not only fights off germs already in the body but can prevent new ones from invading it. Research is being done on a variety of diseases such as cancer, aging and neurological disorders, and diabetes. They are hopeful about the outcome.

The maqui berry should be freeze-dried as soon as it is picked. That is when the antioxidants it contains are the most effective. A supplement should state this on its label. There should be no side effects from eating the pure berry, it's a natural fruit.

Recently, this berry super-fruit has been reviewed on Fox News and CBS. A few European countries are starting to use the maqui berry instead of elder berries to color their wines. It is branching out beyond the small home in Chile from which it came. That's not surprising, considering the amazing things this berry does.

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