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Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Get a Six Pack in a Day

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By Katie A. Jones

Sometimes, you go in front of the mirror and you look into your whole body including your tummy. You may ask yourself, "How can I make my body full of tight muscles and prominent abs in a day?" The answer is very easy. Here are the answers my friend on how to get a six pack in a day. Read on.

Power Food

By the term power food, I mean highly nutritious food stuffs that shall give you all that your body needs for how to get a six pack in a day. Breakfast should be closed at a maximum of 500 calories and no more. More calories than 500 shall only accumulate in the body which is not warranted. Ensure to follow the same limits for all your servings throughout the day, this includes both lunch and dinner also. Following this strict diet is a must to ensure proper six packs.

Nutritious food is not enough, it also has to offer the whole quadrant of essential components that the body requires for keeping it spick and span. Just remember to stay of the too sweet and salty stuffs.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

There is no substitute to exercise and it has to be geared only towards your abs region.

Also do not forget to keep taking water throughout the day so as to keep yourself hydrated all the time. One last thing is sleep. Have ample amount of rest in the day as it is during the slumber time that your body can heal itself.

Although the procedure described above is not easy, you should be able to get your wish of a six pack if you focus and follow the rules.

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